3 Essential Job Hunting Tips From “Borat”

On Friday, Sacha Barbara Cohen graced us with his satirical genius in Borat Subsequent Moviefilm. While we can’t say the goal of this movie is to teach us a lot of lessons, it oddly had a few amazing points when it comes to finding your dream job. Trust us, no spoilers, just job hunting inspiration. 

Proper attire matters

Borat never misses a moment to wear a new costume. Some of our favorites are Country Steve or the sound guy, but the biggest lesson is that Borat always does proper research before entering a new environment. Dressing properly for the interview is just as important as your answers. 

Do your research

While we never see Borat actually do any research, he does learn a lot about the different subcultures he visits. And it helps! Well, it helps sometimes. Actually, it doesn’t help him at all. But it could help you! Researching the company before you interview (and sometimes apply) can make a big difference. 

Focus on the destination, not the journey

Borat works hard to achieve his *ahem* mission. But just like us when looking for a job, there are a few roadblocks that stop him along the way. While he started with one focus, it’s the lessons and opportunities that make the journey special and change the mission overall. The same thing happens for the viewers, and more importantly, the same thing happens when we’re job hunting. 

And while it may take a while, the best job for you is out there. Just stay focused. And maybe, just like Borat, you can find a better place to have a career than you thought you would ever have. 

If Borat can bring honor to Kazakhstan, you can make it through your job hunting journey! 

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