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Did Microsoft just solve the work-from-home problem?

Work from home is a trending topic right now, especially with Reed Hasting’s controversial opinion on Netflix staff returning to work. As many companies such as Google, Twitter, Uber have all added the option to work from home indefinitely. But as many company leaders have concerns about the longevity about work from home, there is worry about the safety of their employees. The leadership at Microsoft seems to have found a way.

Meet the hybrid workplace

Under its new “hybrid workplace” guidance, employees can spend less than half their working hours out of the office, and can receive approval from their managers to stay remote permanently.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged all of us to think, live, and work in new ways,” Microsoft said in a memo. “We will offer as much flexibility as possible to support individual workstyles, while balancing business needs, and ensuring we live our culture.”

Most of Microsoft’s employees have worked remotely since March. After the health crisis is over, it will be normal for most roles to remain remote less than 50% of the time with manager approval, the company said. Microsoft has also introduced partial workweeks for those who are willing to work in-office, saying that employees will have the flexibility to work three days in the office and two in home. For those who want to work from home indefinitely, even facing the potential of moving to places with lower cost of living, employees can take a slight pay cut with manager approval.

This new “hybrid workplace” seems like the best of both worlds, allowing for people to adapt to their “new normal,” at their own pace without fear of losing their jobs in the process.

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