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One Successful Job Seeker’s Tips: Get a Job in 2021

It’s 9 AM, Tuesday morning and I am making yet another follow up call on an application I placed with a tech company 3 days ago. “Hello, my name is Kelly Baumann and I am calling to speak with HR regarding your open marketing position.” I’m patched through to the overwhelmed HR representative who informs me that she is very sorry but that they have not even downloaded the submitted resume because there were over 800 applicants. My heart sank. How was I supposed to get a job or even noticed in a stack of 800 other highly qualified job seekers? Flash forward to four months later and I am now gainfully employed with Wavely. How did I do it? Read on, I’m happy to share a few things I learned along the way.

Make your resume parser friendly

Applying to jobs is, oftentimes, a ‘numbers game’. The more resumes you put out there, the higher your chances are that you make it to the initial phone screening. Resume parsing, (also known as: CV parsing, resume extraction, or CV extraction), assists you in that it allows the information from your resume to automatically populate the application. Having a resume that is ATS or parser friendly means that you will save yourself LOTS of time and effort resulting in more chances to get a job. Click here for ideas and templates that can help you make your resume ATS-friendly and get a job.

Have a professional photo/headshot

When it comes to standing out in a stack of resumes, if a recruiter is able to put a name to a face, it can serve as a huge advantage to the job seeker. The human connection that a professional headshot can provide (even in our virtual world) may be the reason you get a job. Let’s talk frankly though: professional headshots can cost a pretty penny. Luckily our smartphones have advanced well enough in the camera department to assist in this area. While I would always recommend having a professional do the photoshoot, if you’re seeking a job, chances are: spending hundreds of dollars on a photo is not necessarily in the budget. Click here for some inspiration and tips on how to use your smartphone for your next professional headshot.

Get a job by creating an online portfolio with a site like: Wix

An interactive, organized, online resume/portfolio is a great way to show recruiters who you are and what you’ve accomplished. The online portfolio gives you a place where you can control and choose exactly how recruiters see you. Click here for some online resume templates.

Make a 1 minute video resume, link it in your application, embed it on your portfolio site

Most companies have gone (either permanently or temporarily) virtual in 2020 meaning that you may never get a chance to physically meet the hiring manager. Making a 1 minute video resume that you can host for free on YouTube or Vimeo is a wonderful way to show off your personality quickly and easily. It doesn’t have to be some grand production. Get ready as if you’re actually going for an in-person interview, turn on your webcam and film yourself answering the typical interview question: “Tell me about yourself”. Make sure to link the video in your application or email to HR alongside your cover letter. 

Job seekers are getting more and more creative when it comes to landing the role. Check out our blog about TikTok and job hunting here. We’d love to hear what you’ve done! Best of luck.