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How to Connect with Recruiters During COVID-19

connect with recruiters for job search

Since the COVID19 pandemic has rocked the world and the job market, job seekers are left wondering:

What does the ongoing crisis mean for my job search? How do I connect with recruiters during these times, and should I?

The pandemic has prompted many companies to downsize and lay off employees. Almost all businesses have gone remote, leaving job seekers confused whether they should continue to look for a job and send out resumes or just assume that hiring will only resume once things go back to normal.

Now is the Right Time to Build Relationships!

Considering the high chances of a possible recession, you may be tempted to put your job search on hold. We understand that many companies are still trying to adjust and get used to running the business virtually and may currently not be seeking new hires.

However, career experts say that you must continue to look for jobs and connect with recruiters during these challenging times. As a matter of fact, many companies are still hiring. Even if you’re not in the desperate need for a job right now, it’s the right time to start building relationships with recruiters.

Here’s how Bao Le, the Head of Talent and Strategic Partnerships at Just Auto Insurance, summarizes the right approach to connect with recruiters.

“If you’re a job seeker, you’ll have to employ some level of sales skills. It’s all about doing your research and being personable, and customizing your outreach.”

Click here  to listen to the whole webinar for some valuable tips and insights into networking with recruiters during the ongoing pandemic.

Usually, recruiters handle applications for 40 to 60 roles at any given time. Besides that, they have multiple weekly meetings to attend and families to spend quality time with. This is why it’s not easy to grab their attention.

You can attend virtual conferences, networking events, and job fairs to connect with recruiters and grow your professional network. The key is to be genuinely interested in the company you’re trying to reach out to. Never take a blast approach to connect with recruiters. Instead, focus on 20-30 companies you’re really interested in working at.

In addition to this, always be professional and kind to recruiters. Even if they don’t have a job opening now, they may later. Recruiters remember the good and the bad candidates and they talk amongst each other.

How to Connect with Recruiters

Now that work from home has become the new normal and businesses are focusing ongoing virtual, you need to take a similar approach to connect with recruiters. Think online networking, virtual meetups, and social media group connections.

Try to connect with like-minded professionals in your field online and ask about virtual events. When attending such events, ask thoughtful questions. Moreover, join relevant groups on LinkedIn and Facebook and put yourself in the spotlight by posting and commenting regularly under other posts. Chime in on topics that you may be an expert on and leave meaningful posts in groups to start a conversation.  

The Right Time to Message Recruiters

Job seekers often get confused about the right time to message recruiters. Here’s what Bao Lehas to say:

“Well, there’s no real best time to call us. The best time from the sales perspective to cold call people is on Thursdays. You may ask, ‘why on Thursdays?’ Well, because on Mondays, I’m just getting back to the office. I’ve got 500 emails to go through and about 500 applicants to review as well too. On Tuesdays, we’ve got meetings. On Wednesdays, we’ve got meetings. Thursdays are the best days because I’ve got through all my meetings and I’m planning for the weekend, right? Fridays are the worst days to call anyone or send an email because we’ve already checked out. Thursdays are the best days to call or email us because that would get you our attention.”

Following Up with Recruiters

Job seekers may hesitate to message recruiters repeatedly in fear of getting on their nerves. But what if we tell you that it’s exactly what you should be doing?

The majority of candidates who fail to connect with recruiters stop trying after the second email, call, or voice mail. They don’t realize that most deals are won after the 12th attempt. More often than not, recruiters don’t get back to candidates because they’ve got their hands full and not because they don’t want to.

Thus, you should never stop following up with recruiters even if you think it will make them sick of you. Recruiters remember candidates who go the extra mile in getting their attention. It lets them know that you’re really interested in getting a job at their company.

How to Make a Great First Impression in front of Recruiters

Once you are successful in getting a virtual job interview, your focus should be to make a great first impression in front of recruiters. While preparing for the interview, gather as much information about the company as possible. Reach out to people who already work there and ask about the company culture, team dynamics, and their experience working there. Even with virtual interviews, remember to dress professionally.

Lana Hill, the Founder of Hill Career Service LLC, says,

 “Talk to those connections at those companies and research the company. Find out what is their basic company like, like what do they wear to work on a daily basis. Talk to the connections and ask, ‘What did you wear to your interview?’ and ‘What do you suggest I wear?’ Get this information because it’s important. First impressions are lasting ones, right? So, you want to make sure you’re dressing your part and that you look professional on the screen.”

Apart from this, make sure you have a stable internet connection before the interview starts. Sit in a quiet room where there’s no echo, preferably in front of a white wall. Once the interview starts, try to be yourself and let your personality shine through. It’s okay to smile and laugh whenever appropriate. Answer the questions in a professional way using the STAR technique to showcase your skills.

Lastly, you should always have at least one question for the recruiters at the end of the interview. You may ask about something you read on their website or a service that you would like to learn more about. It’ll ensure that you come across as someone really interested in working for the company. If you make it to the next round of interviews and are confident that you’ll be joining the team, you can even ask the interviewers if it’s possible to have a virtual meeting with the team members for a few minutes so that you can get to know them.

Let Recruiters Know You’re on a Job Hunt during This Pandemic!

Businesses may be facing an economic slowdown but it doesn’t mean you should stop reaching out to recruiters. Listen to this webinar  for some insider tips and insights to connect with recruiters and lay the groundwork for the opening of new doors of opportunities once the COVID19 pandemic is behind us. Lana Hill, the Founder of Hill Career Services LLC and Bao Le, the Head of Talent and Strategic Partnerships at Just Auto Insurance also share some valuable tips for job seekers with no experience and candidates looking to transition to a new career!

Gain Insights Into Job Market Trends!

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