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We’re done with the phrase “Job Seeker”

At Wavely, we care about matching amazing employers with amazing talent. And this focus affects our whole culture, including the words we use. Which is why, we don’t use the phrase “Job Seeker.” 

Justin Liu, Senior Product Manager at Wavely explains it in our video here: 

“So one of the reasons is that when you’re seeking something, you may have an aspiration, but there’s no actual guarantee or, or any, any sort of confidence that you actually find that, um, and to be a job seeker actually feels like there’s a lot of uncertainty. We exist to make that not happen, right? We exist for people to help people find jobs; we exist, so that they can not seek anymore.” 

Justin continues to explain why we use the word “talent,” instead.

…One of the things that we like to call them is talent instead, right? Because everybody has talents, and all the people that we see are talented. And what we really want to do is match people’s talents with jobs that that utilize those talents really effectively. And so I think, we shouldn’t say we should move away from job seekers and put power back in in their hands and we use college as a word lately to do that.

Because of this reason, what other companies may call “job seekers,” we proudly refer to as Talent. Our focus it what you (as someone looking for a job), has to offer. We’re focused on your skills, your talents. We don’t use the term “job seeker.” Instead, we make a commitment to helping you find the best job we can. If there are ways we can continue to help make your job hunt easier, let us know in the comments below!

To see more of our Zoom conversations with our team, check out our Youtube channel here.

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Evan Daniels is the Content Manager at Wavely. Coffee and hip hop enthusiast, he mainly covers changes in recruitment, job seeking, and marketing.

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