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The Perfect Zoom Party In 5 Steps (according to Inspire Energy)

Just because we’re working from home doesn’t mean we have to give up all of our social events. With a little work, it’s easy to have your very own zoom party for your office! For our tips, we look to the experts: Inspire Energy.

Inspire Staff has a "Grand Canyon" theme party.

1. Pick a Theme

While every party doesn’t have to have a theme, having a theme for a zoom party can make it a LOT more fun, especially since we’re all just sitting in front of our computers. Pick something easy enough for people to enjoy and participate in, something that doesn’t take a ton of work, but can still be enjoyable. One of our favorites is the cruise ship party. A sun hat and polo shirt can go a long way! Inspire Energy did this for one of their parties and it looks like it was a blast. 

Inspire Energy staff has a pool party on zoom.

2. Grab Your Virtual Background

The virtual background option is a lifesaver in Zoom. Send your co-workers or friends a few fun images to transport your Zoom gathering to your fun setting. When the staff at Inspire did this, it even over zoom you can make an event look like it’s out of this world!

Inspire Energy has a "out of space" Zoom party.
Your zoom party can be OUT OF THIS WORLD

3. Plan a few fun events

Simple games are the best for a zoom party. Look for games that don’t require any materials, and have simple rules. Keep it easy, beezy, and not complicated. A simple game of “Never have I ever,” can be entertaining. See if it’s a game you can explain in 2 minutes or less. If it takes longer, the harder it will be to enjoy it.

Inspire Energy has a "Jurassic Park," zoom party
Jurassic Park Zoom Party!

4. Have a “Shop-Talk” ban

Enjoy this party for what it is: a time to enjoy being with team members outside of a work setting. I’m not saying you should have hard rules, but encouraging this not to be a “work” event can make your party a little more stress-free. 

Inspire Energy has a peaceful zoom gathering

5. Have FUN!

The best tip when throwing a party is to enjoy yourself! Even if plans don’t work out as you plan, you can enjoy being with friends and coworkers. Go with the flow rather than a checklist. And most importantly, don’t have a hard timeline for the event. As things wind down (even if you don’t make it through your full scheduled time), feel free to end things. Make it enjoyable, have a great time! 

Inspire Energy team picture in person at one of their costumes.

Inspire Energy is the MASTER of the zoom party. Actually, they seem to have office culture down overall. Not only are their parties awesome, but they also have flexible PTO, dog-friendly offices, as well as amazing coaching and mentorship options. And they’re hiring! Take a look at some of their jobs here.

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