Mobile and Social Media Recruitment:
The Modern Sourcing Strategy


The average American checks their smartphone 80 times a day. And texting and social networking are among the top 5 smartphone activities. Discover how to leverage mobile and social media channels to build a robust candidate pipeline.

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You'll learn:

About our speakers

Shweta Mogha

Co-Founder at eWOW

Shweta Mogha brings with her over 20 years of experience leading people organizations for companies like Amazon and Airtel where she spearheaded diversity and inclusion initiatives across various geographies. With a strong HR and talent acquisition and management background, Shweta advises startups on their talent acquisition, employee engagement, culture and branding strategy. A frequent speaker at leadership events, Shweta has also contributed to bestselling books like Fast-Track Your Leadership Career.

Monique Arrington

President at Arrington Case by Case

She's President of Arrington Case by Case, a boutique recruiting firm in San Francisco Bay Area. Formerly she grew teams and led HR at Chewse and First Coast Security. She's excited about texting and making it easy to provide candidates with a WOW experience.

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