The Coronavirus Job Search:
Interview Skills and Connecting with Recruiters


Resumes are the first step to getting in the door. But once you pass the first hurdle, how do you stand out during your interviews? Discover how to connect directly with recruiters, for free, and make a great first impression in your interviews.

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About our speakers

Lana Hill

Career Coach at Hill Career Services

Lana Hill, a Vanderbilt graduate with a BS in Human and Organizational Development, began her career as a Recruiter in 2007. After recruiting for various industries and companies across the job industry spectrum, Lana decided to use her experience to help people get a “yes” at the end of the job search process, versus being the one telling candidates “no.” Since 2000, Lana has helped clients break through the obstacles that seem to be holding them back in their quest for their ultimate dream job. Lana is also the founder of Hill Career Services, LLC, a business that is built to fulfill her passion, which is to help clients achieve a more positive outlook on life by providing them with the tools that will help them, align with, and get them to their calling in their work life.

Bao Le

Head of Talent and Partnerships at Just Auto Insurance

Bao Le is the Head of Talent and Strategic Partnerships at Just Auto Insurance. He has a diverse background in talent acquisition that spans across the globe and has helped build numerous high-performing teams over the past 14 years. Bao got his start in recruiting, and from there has developed a passion for building dynamic teams and assisting professionals in being effective in the workplace. Before joining the Just Auto Insurance team, he worked in staffing and recruitment to build teams at companies such as Genius Sports, Honda, Toyota, Karma Automotive in their connected car, research and development, artificial intelligence, product management, marketing, and sales functions.

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