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Don’t Just Join The Gaming Industry. Thrive Together!

When founding Riot Games, Brandon Beck and Mack Merrill made building great experiences for online gamers their top priority. Over a decade later, and several titles, games such as League of Legends, are now some of the most popular multiplayer online games in the world. More recently, these games ushered in the era of esports and live streaming in the gaming industry.

League of Legends characters Annie & Tibbers Statue at Riot Games headquarters. Riot Games is a pivotal leader in the gaming industry.
Annie & Tibbers Statue Day at Riot Games headquarters

Riot doesn’t just change the gaming industry. They’re changing company culture. 

In parallel, Riot evolved their passion into a mature workplace culture. While still placing player experience first, Riot encourages Rioters (what they call their team members) to “Thrive Together.” Like in the games they produce, “balance” is important to the management team. Riot games sets Diversity standards high; as is inclusion. Additionally, Riot positively impacts communities around the globe via the Riot Games Social Impact Fund – a venture that has already donated over $15 million globally to dozens of causes. 

Riot believes team-level rituals reinforce culture as much as any document. While encouraging workers to dream up best of class experiences for gamers, Riot empowers Rioters with the ability to execute with excellence. From collaboration and company strategy to product development, cultural storytelling reinforces what great culture looks like – and what it doesn’t.

Riot Games is always looking for Rioters who want to create amazing experiences for players. For a chance to be summoned for an interview and join the gaming industry, check their listings here.

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