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Top 10 Highest-Paying Tech Roles in the US in 2021

A network engineer working in a server room
For several entry-level workers who want to work in tech companies, earning a salary that can help them maintain a comfortable lifestyle is a priority. This includes special perks that come with this sizeable figure, such as free snacks, global trips and game rooms, to name a few. The thing is that they aren’t being unrealistic about this either. Tech jobs feature prominently on Glassdoor’s ideal places to work lists and according to, tech workers are earning $135,000 a year on average in major cities. While not every position in the industry comes with this figure, there are several that pay amounts that can make life quite comfortable for a select few. Here are some of the highest-paying tech roles and jobs you can look into:

Enterprise Architect

Median Salary:

Enterprise architects act as the ‘glue’ that integrates program and project strategies across multiple drivers, platforms as well as management priorities. This connection is basically a series of graphical models that are based on the goals of the enterprise as well as the processes and responsibilities that can meet said goals. In other words, an enterprise architect takes a business strategy and determines the technology architecture that will be needed to support it. They also have to document it using several architectural models or views to show how the existing and future needs of the organization can be met in a sustainable and adaptable manner. Some of the skills they need to have in order to do successfully include the following:
  • Ability to sell the results of architectural approaches via presentations.
  • Facilitating group sessions.
  • An understanding of DevOps and how it impacts IT strategies.
  • An in-depth understanding of cloud infrastructures.
  • Strong leadership skills to empower team members and ensure they remain on schedule.
  • Strong project management skills when it comes to implementing new designs and strategies.
  • Ability to audit compliance within the Enterprise Architecture standards.
Popular companies that pay enterprise architects well include Booz, Allen and Hamilton, Hewlett Packard and Enterprise, HPE and First Data  Corporation, to name a few. While the median salary is about $175,500, it can fall between[i] $157,900 and $195,700, depending on your education, skill set, experience and certifications.

Big Data Engineer

Median Salary:

Big data engineers are professionals who are responsible for transforming large quantities of raw data into actionable information to manage workflows, pipelines and ETL processes. Basically, they are responsible for delivering, storing and processing data, besides providing a reliable infrastructure for it. As such they are tasked with creating software and hardware infrastructures in companies as well as the systems employees may need to work with and understand data. Some of the skills that you need to have to qualify for a generous salary package in this profession include the following:
  • Practical knowledge of Python and SQL.
  • Experience with cloud platforms, such as Amazon Web Services.
  • Ability to set up cloud clusters.
  • Use machine learning for predictive and prescriptive analysis.
  • In-depth understanding of SQL and NoSQL databases.
  • Experience with big data such as Spark, Kafka and Hadoop.
  • Experience with data visualization tools such as ElasticSearch.
The best companies that are considered to be gold mines for big data engineers include Airbnb, WalmartLabs, Coinbase, Lyft and Spotify, to name a few. While the median salary is about $157,347, it can fall between[ii] $139,040 and $178,955, depending on your education, skill set, experience and certifications.

Mobile Applications Developer

Median Salary:

Just think about the fact that we cannot even think of living without our phones and you can figure out why mobile application developers are in such high demand. These professionals are basically software engineers whose main job is to create, test and program apps for not only smart phones, but also for computers and tablets. Experienced app developers understand and can work with coding languages and are often seen working with data scientists and graphic artists. Additionally, they are also responsible for fixing bugs before an app is launched. To qualify as a mobile app developer and get the aforementioned salary package, you need to have at least these skills:
  • Cross platform development capabilities.
  • UX/UI design skills.
  • Familiarity with modern programming languages (such as C, C++, JavaScript and HTML5).
  • Experience with agile methodologies.
  • Expertise in backend computing.
Some of the organizations that pay top dollar to experienced and skillful mobile app developers include Intellectualsoft, Konstant Infosolutions, TechAhead and WillowTree.Inc, to name a few. While the median salary is about $144,124, it can fall between[iii] $118, 242 and $161,410, depending on your education, skill set, experience and certifications.

Technical Program Manager

Median Salary:

Technical program managers start their careers in their field by working as software engineers till they come to a point where they have to decide whether they want to work with code or with people. If it is the latter, they become TPMs. These professionals are in charge of managing all technical aspects for their organization, from idea generation to deployment to optimization. TPMs are also responsible for starting programs and for making changes in case of issues before the launch of a product. That is why they are usually employed by companies that have to adopt modern technologies, such as SOA or service-oriented architecture. However, unlike project managers, they can work independently for coding requirements, which means they don’t have to waste time explaining solutions to an engineer before they are implemented. This can involve an in-depth analysis of data records, code, design and system documentation. The best companies that pay technical program managers in the US include Google, Microsoft, Salesforce and VMWare. While the median salary is about $142,653, it can fall between[iv] $122,767 and $163,759, depending on your education, skill set, experience and certifications.

Software Development Manager

Median Salary:

Software development managers are responsible for leading teams that are working on developing new software or enhancing existing ones to improve/streamline operations. Naturally, this involves large-scale coordination with other departments in the company along with company executives who will use the solutions they come up with. In other words, a software development manager is the face of the team that is responsible for creating and improving existing and new technologies that can help the company meet business goals or streamline operations. Besides this, they are also responsible for managing the logistics for their team from hiring and firing members to training and enforcing deadlines while maintaining strict budgets. In other words, they are responsible for taking care of administrative tasks that software engineers don’t have the time to handle. The best companies that pay software development managers generous salaries include Facebook, eBay and ServiceNow. While the median salary is about $138,340, it can fall between[v] $125,520 and $154,760, depending on your education, skill set, experience and certifications.

Information Systems Security Manager

Median Salary:

Also known as IT security managers, information systems security managers are responsible for coordinating and executing security controls and policies and evaluating weaknesses within an organization. Additionally, they also manage security systems, backup systems, train employees for their team, create and implement security planning measures and recover data in disaster situations. To qualify as one and get a generous salary, you need to have 5+ years of experience on computer or information science as well as information security. Some of the essential skills you will also need include the following:
  • Security architecture definition and development.
  • Skills in intrusion prevention and detection protocols.
  • Security infrastructure and network configuration.
  • Proficiency in maintaining firewalls and other security tech.
  • Proficiency in managing different frameworks (Python, Cisco, UNIX, Active Directory, etc.)
  • Ability to remain within budgetary constraints and manage a large team.
Organizations that pay information security managers well include the US Airforce, the Northrop Grumman Corporation, the US Army and WPS Health Insurance, to name a few. While the median salary is about $122,919 , it can fall between[vi] $111,377 and $136,089, depending on your education, skill set, experience and certifications.

Senior Data Warehouse Architect

Median Salary:

As is apparent from the name, a data warehouse architect is responsible for designing data warehouse solutions. This includes formulating plans that can support the company they work for in the best possible manner. As such they need to resolve issues as they crop up by troubleshooting ETL processes, prepare status reports to show management, analyze warehouse goals and determine the skill sets required to maintain them, develop and maintain database scripts and tools that can automate processes as well as monitor processes and create plans to capture metadata. Some of the companies that hire data warehouse architects and pay them well include Amazon Web Services and Open Systems Technologies. While the median salary is about $121,106, it can fall between[vii] $109,352 and $136,779, depending on your education, skill set, experience and certifications.

Applications Architect

Median Salary:

Applications architects are experts in designing software services as well as application interfaces in order to enhance reuse as per business processes and sharing governance rules. In other words, they make sure that the architecture behind application solutions is optimized according to the budget and time constraints they are working with. This profession is invaluable today as more and more companies migrate to SOAs (service-oriented structures) in which applications are made with re-purposed services and interfaces. An application architect’s job is to make sure that these projects don’t exceed allotted budgets and are completed within set timeframes without compromising business operations and agility. Some of the best companies that hire applications architects include Global Business Consulting Services and Marsh & McLennan companies. While the median salary is about $120,887, it can fall between[viii] $110,806 and $139,348, depending on your education, skill set, experience and certifications.

DevOps Engineer

Median Salary:

DevOps Engineers work with developers and IT staff to oversee the deployment of new software. Basically, their job is to streamline coordination between development, operations and testing functions by coordinating the integration and deployment processes. As such they need to know how to manage an IT infrastructure, hybrid cloud environments as well as multi-tenant environments. This involves the provisioning of resources, choosing relevant deployment models and other steps that validate releases. They also have to monitor software once it is released and communicate its performance to software developers. Some of the skills they need to have to earn a handsome salary include the following:
  • A firm knowledge of various computer languages and basic Linux skills.
  • Expertise in software coding test and deployment.
  • Ability and experience in working with open source tools and technologies for source code management.
  • Ability to handle transitions.
  • Proficiency in using automation and configuration management tools (such as Ansible, Korn Shell, Jenkins and Puppet).
Your experience and skill set in coding, as well as working in teams, will determine how much you are paid. Companies that pay experienced professionals well include, IBM, Capital One Financial Core and Deloitte. While the median salary is about $115, 474, it can fall between[ix] $102,106 and $130,315, depending on your education, skill set, experience and certifications.

Senior Web Developer

Median Salary:

Senior Web Developers are responsible for developing specifications for web based applications and ensuring websites they maintain look attractive and remain responsive at all times. This includes determining system requirements for new websites and applications as well as prioritizing software development and assigning tasks to team members. To qualify as a senior web developer you need to have a bachelor’s degree in computer science as well as extensive industry experiences. Additionally, you should be proficient in programming languages and have experience with common ones such as JavaScript and HTML5 as well as insight into cross-browser compatibility. To get a good salary, you need to have experience working with JavaScript frameworks such as Backbone and Knockout. Companies that pay experienced professionals well include Stanford University, Wells & Fargo and Adage Technologies. While the median salary is about $94,999, it can fall between[x] $56,461 and $133,537, depending on your education, skill set, experience and certifications.

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