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Top 10 Most Popular Technical Interview Questions in in 2021

Technical interview

Preparing for technical interviews is always an overwhelming experience. These interviews are a lot trickier than the usual job interview and are designed to ensure if you possess the hard skills required to do the job. The good news is that a little preparation can help make a big difference in how you do in these interviews.

If you want to know how to prepare for a technical interview, take a look at these top technical interview questions and how you can answer them.

1.     What Coding Languages and/or Development Tools Have You Used?

If you have applied for a software engineering role and are learning how to prepare for a technical interview, then it’s essential that you prepare for such questions as well. When answering this question, make sure you go into sufficient detail about the coding languages and development tools you are familiar with. You can talk about which languages and tools you are most comfortable working with, why you prefer them, and what are the pros and cons of using these languages in different situations.

You can also talk about your ability to learn new languages and tools and how you can adapt quickly to organizational needs. To support your statement, try describing an example from the past where you were required to do something similar and how it turned out.

2.     What Is SAN? How Can It Be Used?

This is another popular technical interview question that recruiters and hiring managers love to ask. To answer this question, start with the basics and begin by describing what a Storage Area Network is and how it is utilized. You can also talk about its benefits and describe its relevance to the role you have applied it. If you have previous experience working with storage area networks, then you can discuss this as well.

3.     How Would You Defend Cross-site Scripting Attack?


You can also expect technical interview questions on securing tech systems and online assets. To answer such questions, you can take on a methodical approach. Begin by defining what a cross-site scripting attack is and follow up with the usual steps taken to stop this attack. If you have prior experience in dealing with a similar problem, then you can also describe the tactics you employed to resolve the situation.

4.     Do You Have Experience With Database Design?

Employers are always interested in knowing about the kind of hands-on experience you possess. To answer such technical interview questions, you can describe your approach toward database design, the features you think are critical to the process, and how you were able to execute and implement the design to create a functioning database. You can also discuss how the process can be improved and what you may have done differently.

      5. How Can You Ensure That a Code Is Secure As Well as Fast?

This type of technical interview question enables the hiring manager to check your intuitiveness as a programmer and whether you understand the essentials of software development. In this case, security always trumps efficiency. A code won’t be of much use if it is fast but not safe to use. When answering this question, you can discuss the importance of security in software development. You can then go onto discuss how you will improve the speed of a program if it is too slow.

6.     In Your Opinion, Which SLDC Model Works Best?

This is a trick question of sorts. While there are many popular SDLC models in use (Waterfall Model, Iterative Model, Spiral Model, V-Model, etc.), you need to remember that there is no way to rank SDLC models. You can discuss how an SDLC model is utilized as per the requirements of the development process and how it varies according to the software.

7.     How Would You Troubleshoot If a Program Crashes?

A qualified technician takes on a methodical, step-by-step approach when troubleshooting a problem. To answer this question, you need to describe a structured troubleshooting process that begins with collecting data and identifying the problem. You can then proceed to discuss how you would develop a solution to the problem at hand and test it. Finally, you must describe setting a threshold for escalating the issue to a higher-level tier and taking ownership of any incidents that occur during the troubleshooting process.

You can also discuss documenting the problem, the actions you took, and the eventual outcome.

8.     How Would You Install a New Software System?

If you are applying for a senior programming job, then you can expect this question. To prepare an answer, you can describe your research process prior to installing a new software system. You can also discuss the steps you would devise for installation, how you would run the software and check for errors and discrepancies, and how you would resolve any problems that you find.

Finally, you can talk about training other members of your team on how to use the software system and integrating it within the IT infrastructure of your company.

9.     Describe Your Approach to Explaining Technical Details to a Non-Technical Audience.

This type of technical interview question is asked to assess your communication skills. Senior programmers must often engage with a non-technical audience to explain the usefulness of a software or hardware product.

If you are asked this question, then you can start by discussing how you would find out more information about the audience in question. This will help you determine how much you need to simplify your current presentation.

You can also describe some tactics that can help you deliver the presentation more smoothly such as introducing humor and apologizing in advance if things get too technical and complicated.  Additionally, you can describe how you would integrate a relevant story to help the audience connect to your material and make the presentation visually appealing to hold their attention.

10. What’s The Most Challenging Project You Have Managed So Far? Describe Your Role and the Outcomes

To answer this question, we suggest you opt for the STAR method. You can begin by describing the project and your role in it. Next, discuss the tactics you utilized to carry out your tasks and troubleshoot problems. You can then talk about the actions you took to execute your strategy and tactics. Finally, discuss the results or outcomes.

Using the STAR method allows you to answer this question in a clear and precise manner. Click here to learn more about how this technique works.

Think Carefully and Prepare Well

There are plenty of other technical interview questions that you can expect, but these are the most common ones. When learning how to prepare for a technical interview, make sure you think over your answers carefully and discuss them with a peer, a mentor, or a friend to get their feedback. You can also prepare some questions to ask the employer.

Depending on the tech stack that will be used in the role you are applying for, you can also expect questions relevant to the languages and coding solutions used in this tech stack during the interview.

Remember, if you don’t understand a question, make sure you clarify it first before jumping to the answer. Above all, try and stay calm, remember what you practiced, and keep your answers as clear and concise as possible.

Good luck!

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