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Top 10 Podcasts for Job Search Tips in 2021

Podcasts for job search tips

Are you looking for a job? Job hunting has always been a challenge for even the most qualified individuals. Add to that the complications of a global pandemic and things have only gotten tougher in the job market. So what can you do? Should you simply wait until things get better? Not necessarily. Even if you can’t find the right job at the moment, you can always use this time to learn more about the job search process and figure out what you may be doing wrong. One way to do this is to listen to podcasts for job search tips.


Read on as we discuss the best podcasts for job seekers.


1. Find Your Dream Job

Frequency: Once a week


Find Your Dream Job is hosted by Mac Prichard. Mac Prichard is the Founder and President of Prichard Communications. He assists organizations by providing them with strategic counsel on streamlining their crisis communications, augmenting business development, and improving government relationships.


Prichard’s podcast features job search experts in each episode, where they provide valuable insights regarding how you can improve your resume, address gaps in your career during your interview, etc.


The podcast also helps job seekers consider things from the viewpoint of a hiring manager and use this information to mold their profile and make it more appealing. You can expect a wealth of information to be shared in each episode and get easy access to an incredible level of expertise.

2. The Exclusive Career Coach

Frequency: Once a week


Another excellent podcast for job search tips is the Exclusive Career Coach. It is hosted by Lesa Edwards. Edwards is a Master Resume Writer with a Master’s degree in Public Administration. She is also a Certified Job Search Strategist and Career Coach.


In her podcast, Edwards aims to educate college professionals on vital aspects of the job search process. These include writing resumes and cover letters, creating a social media presence across job search platforms, and improving communication skills to successfully engage with recruiters and hiring managers during interviews.

3. Job Search Advice Radio

Frequency: Once a week


Also known as No B.S. Job Search Radio, this podcast is hosted by Jeff Altman, a Career Coach. Altman specializes in interview preparation, leadership, career development, and executive coaching.


 With over 1,800 episodes, Altman’s podcast is among the best podcasts for job seekers available at the moment. It features short episodes that are usually around 10 minutes long. The podcast is engaging and highly informative. Altman discusses building your personal brand, tips for a successful interview, how to build an attractive resume, and more.

4. The Voice of Job Seekers

Frequency: Once a week


Hosted by Mark Anthony Dyson, the Voice of Job Seekers is another useful podcast that makes the job hunt process easier for you. Dyson is a career advice writer and career consultant. He specializes in job search strategies, career advice, personal branding, and public speaking. His inputs regarding job hunting can be invaluable to fresh grads and experienced professionals alike. In his podcasts, Dyson provides a great deal of useful information regarding finding remote jobs, negotiating your salary as a person of color, popular trends regarding resume and cover letter writing, and more. 

5. Copeland Coaching

Frequency: Once a week


The Copeland Coaching podcast is hosted by Angela Copeland. Copeland is the founder of Copeland Coaching. She is an author as well as a member of the Forbes Coaching Council. Copeland is highly qualified in digital marketing and strategy and holds an MBA from the Pepperdine University in Malibu, CA.  


Copeland’s podcast is highly useful for fresh college graduates looking to understand and optimize the job search process to get a good job more easily. The podcast features experts in hiring and recruitment. It discusses everything from the basics of job search, personal branding, and networking to diversity at work and common mistakes that people make that prevent them from getting a job.

6. Career Cloud Radio

Frequency: Once a week

Featuring 99 episodes so far, Career Cloud Radio is another great podcast to listen to for job search tips. It is hosted by Justin Dux, a Salesforce Administrator for Be the Match. Dux is also a journalist and philosopher. His podcasts feature numerous guests that include career coaches, recruiters, resume writers, and more. Each episode dives into the job search process and discusses current hiring trends, job search tactics, and how to break the clutter to catch the attention of a hiring manager.

7. Careers by Jenn

Frequency: Once a week


Hosted by Jenn Swanson, Careers by Jenn has over 262 episodes discussing job search tips. Swanson is a Career Coach, Career Educator, Public Speaker, Facilitator, and member of the Clergy. In her podcast, Swanson talks about self-improvement and nuances of the job search process.


 In recent episodes, she has also engaged in discussions regarding working remotely amid the pandemic and how COVID-19 is redefining the job search process. If you happen to be out of a job at the moment, then Jenn’s podcast could be very useful for you.

8. Career Talk: Learn – Grow – Thrive

Frequency: Once a week


Career Talk is hosted by Stephanie Dennis, a highly qualified career coach. She is also a Senior Recruiting and Sourcing Expert and specializes in recruiting top talents across various industries.


In her podcast, Dennis talks about the intricacies of job hunting and the new challenges faced by job seekers and employees during COVID-19. She also provides career advice and provides useful job search tips that can help you write a resume, prepare for an interview, and more. Dennis also provides advice on navigating tricky questions during an interview such as explaining job-hopping to hiring managers and asking for flexibility at work.

9. Career Tools

Frequency: Once a week


With 300 episodes, Career Tools (also known as Manager Tools) is useful for job search candidates looking to make changes mid-career. It is hosted by Mark Horstman and Mike Auzenne. The duo graduated from the United States Military Academy and has served in the US Army. Auzenne specializes in Program Management and Technology. He has been involved in the restaurant industry and retail fitness as an entrepreneur. Horstman worked in sales and marketing at Procter & Gamble. He also specializes in Executive Coaching and Consulting.


Their podcast won the award for Best Business podcast in 2010. It aims to help individuals struggling to jump-start a stagnant career by making changes at their current job or looking for new opportunities in other organizations. The podcast provides job search tips on how to prepare your resume, how to look for a job after getting laid off, and how to improve the efficiency of your job search.

10. Guidance Counselor 2.0

Frequency: Once a week


The last podcast for job search tips on our list is Guidance Counselor 2.0. It is hosted by Taylor Desseyn.  Desseyn is a Technical Recruiter, specializing in software and database development. He works with front-end, back-end, and open source technologies.


In his podcast, he discusses some of the biggest issues regarding job hunting and managing your career. From networking and personal branding to navigating the job market and finding tech jobs, the podcast provides a great deal of useful information that can make the job search process easier for you.

Self-improvement Is the Key to Finding a Good Job


This wraps up our list for the best podcasts for job seekers in 2020! Listening to these podcasts regularly can help you stay up to date with new trends in the hiring and recruitment industry and understand where you may be going wrong while searching for a job.


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