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Top 10 Tech Jobs in 2020 in 2021

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We’ve seen technology reaching new heights with artificial intelligence, IoT devices, and virtual reality coming into the picture. You’d be surprised to hear that the demand for tech jobs is stronger than the national average. Tech job listings saw a drop of 5.8% in 2019 while there was a massive 15.2% drop across all other kinds of job listings. That being said, it’s safe to expect several tech jobs growing in popularity over the next decade and beyond. The current tech job market is tight enough for companies to go the extra mile to attract top talent and focus on revising their starting salaries based on market competition, company culture, location, and budgets. On the other hand, job seekers are in for plenty of employment opportunities in the tech arena. Here’s a list of the top 10 tech jobs in 2020.

1. Artificial Intelligence Architects

AI has become an integral part of the workplace as well as consumers’ lives. Since AI-enabled products and services are stealing the show, companies will likely be on the lookout for skilled AI architects in 2020. The best candidates would have a tight grasp on technical concepts as well as strong communication skills to be an effective leader.

2. Cloud Architects

Cloud architects put cloud applications in place as well as manage and support them for businesses while staying on top of a company’s cloud computing strategy. Ideally, these individuals must have a thorough understanding of different operating systems in addition to excellent programming, networking, and security skills. In 2020, we can expect companies to look for and hire individuals with strong cloud services knowledge base, particularly Amazon Web Services. They know how important it is to create a resilient cloud infrastructure because downtime means lost profit. When hiring, employers will value any experience with I&O, Information Technology Service Management (ITSM), automation, governance, and vendor management because cloud architecting is an extremely important job.

3. Web, Mobile, and Software Developers

Web, mobile, and software development is one of the most in-demand tech jobs in modern times. Considering the almost-nonstop use of technological devices in every household and corporate setting, the importance of developers can’t be undermined. From mobile games and invoice entry for businesses, all these programs and software systems are designed and developed by software engineers. Developers are adept at coding, working with programming languages, and designing applications, mobile apps, and websites. A talented developer in today’s age will be someone who can understand specific client requirements and devise innovative plans to improve software, web, and mobile applications.

4. Data Specialists

Companies understand that having well-maintained databases is the key to making the most of the products of modern technology. What makes data specialists even more important is that modern-day businesses are left to handle more data than they ever have before. Hence, data scientists, engineers, and analysts can expect to see more and more job listings related to their expertise in 2020. Considering the issue of privacy and sensitivity when it comes to data, companies are looking for reliable individuals with extensive programming experience.

5. Information Security Analysts

This is one of the most in-demand tech jobs in the current times. Truth be told, cybersecurity experts have always been considered important for businesses and this will continue into the future. While modern-day hackers are quite sophisticated, new and more advanced technologies are emerging to fight their attempts. Companies do realize this and so, they are ditching reactive security model and focusing on a proactive one instead. Security analysts offer to protect computer networks and systems of companies with their knowledge, expertise, and skillsets. Companies’ search for security professionals will get more aggressive as they realize they need individuals who can develop and implement effective strategies to monitor and protect sensitive data from cyberattacks.

6. Business Intelligence Analysts

Considering the rise in competition in almost all industries, the importance of business intelligence analysts is more now than ever. These individuals use data to analyze business markets and industry trends and help companies modify their business strategies to boost efficiency and profits. BI analysts should have experience in analytics, database technology and reporting tools. Ideally, they have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology or engineering. They must be able to understand the unique data needs of companies and communicate them to stakeholders.

7. DevOps Engineers

These individuals work with software production and oversee scripting, code releases and process development to ensure that the software runs smoothly and efficiently. They are responsible for managing the IT infrastructure, monitoring the software performance, troubleshooting problems, and configuring or editing the software if need be. They simplify code updates for businesses, helping them to continuously improve processes for maximum efficiency. The importance of DevOps engineers can’t be ignored, particularly in the current times when remote work is becoming the new normal.

8. Java Developers

Another one of the top 10 tech jobs in 2020 is in java development. Java is a popular programming language that companies use for designing Android applications, conducting research, managing finance and working with big data. Java developers possess exceptional java skills for developing high-volume applications and testing programs. From determining business challenges and needs to developing, testing and implementing solutions, java developers do it all. Businesses across industries use java and hence, opportunities for java developers will continue to increase.

9. Python Developers

Python is also a widely-used programming language and there’s going to be a lot of scope for python developers in the coming years. These individuals create and test codes for various types of software, applications, and systems. They usually work with web development, data mining, cloud development and machine learning. Python developers are also responsible for monitoring, evaluating and updating programs on a regular basis.

10. Information Technology Managers

Another in-demand tech job in 2020 is information technology management. Businesses rely on IT managers to handle the information technology sector of their company. These managers come up with effective plans to improve IT systems and coordinate with the entire department to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Besides the technical skills, they tend to have exceptional leadership qualities, as they are typically in charge of a highly skilled team.
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