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Top 10 YouTube Channels for Software Developers in 2021

YouTube channels for software developers

blogs, podcasts, and webinars, YouTube channels are among the most popular ways
for software developers to learn new things and improve their skills. From
tutorials on coding and programming to job advice, there are many YouTube channels for software
that can prove to be incredibly helpful.


Read on
as we discuss the best YouTube channels that software developers can follow and
what you can expect to find on them.

Wes Bos


Wes Bos’s YouTube channel is a goldmine for software
developers interested in learning app development through Redux and React and coding
in programming languages such as Es5 and Es6. The YouTube creator is a
JavaScript expert and offers exceptional courses on the subject. His videos
have helped numerous software developers familiarize themselves with JavaScript
platforms and other programming and markup languages.


Joma Tech

Like Wes Bos, Joma Tech
is another great YouTube channel for software developers looking for
educational courses related to data science and software engineering. Boasting
of 611K subscribers, this YouTube channel features a wide variety of content on
creating web applications and coding.


There’s also plenty of
infotainment related to job hunting where the YouTube creator shares personal
anecdotes on why he quit his job and how you can get a job in data science.



Created by Patrick Shyu, TechLead is
one of the best YouTube
channels for software developers
looking for job search tips. Shyu was
previously associated with tech giants such as Google and Facebook. He is a
renowned app and web developer and a highly qualified software engineer.


In his YouTube videos,
Shyu primarily focuses on providing software developers with tips and advice
regarding how to write an appealing resume and preparing for technical
interviews. He also shares his success stories along with the failures he faced
and uses his experiences to mentor other software developers and helps them
find the right job. 

Rachit Jain


Rachit Jain
manages another popular YouTube channel for software developers. He is
primarily an expert in data structures and algorithms and talks about these
topics at length in his videos.  Jain
also discusses competitive programming, problem-solving, virtual environments,
and programming languages such as JavaScript.


Jain was previously associated
with Microsoft and currently works as an SDE2 at Tower Research.

Eddie Jaoude


the other YouTube creators listed so far, Eddie Jaoude’s YouTube
channel also offers a lot of valuable information that can benefit software
developers. Jaoude specializes in open-source full-stack engineering and his
videos revolve around the same. He is a strong advocate of open source


In his
videos, Jaoude discusses everything from open source, full-stack coding, and
web security to programming using TailWind CSS.

Engineered Truth


Managed by Mathew Tran
and a host of other software development experts, Engineered Truth
is among the most popular YouTube
channels for software developers
. In their videos, YouTube creators talk
about cybersecurity, machine learning, data analysis, and more. Their primary
focus is on helping individuals trying to find a job in these areas by offering
them advice on job hunting.


They also provide career
counseling to young software developers by discussing emerging career
opportunities in software development and how much you can expect to earn if
you pursue them.

Corey Schafer


Corey Schafer’s YouTube
channel offers a wealth of insights for beginners as well as experienced IT
professionals. It features a wide variety of educational content that can help
software programmers, software engineers, and software developers. In his
videos, Schafer provides tutorials on using Python, SQL, JavaScript, etc.

He also talks about development environments, terminal commands, Matplotlib,
and more.


Web Dev Simplified


Created by Kyle Cook, Web Dev
is a channel that delivers exactly what its name suggests. If
you are new to web development, then you will find Cook’s videos to be
immensely helpful in learning basic and advanced web development concepts. He
explains everything with a great deal of simplicity while ensuring that you
don’t miss out on core concepts.


The channel can equip you
with all the information you need to explore new technologies in web development
and help you become a full-stack developer. It is one of the best online resources
available that can assist you in learning programming quickly and easily.



Edureka is an excellent
source for working professionals interested in learning new software skills.
The channel provides educational courses on a number of topics. These include
tutorials on Python, understanding the difference between Angular and Angular
JS, neuro-linguistic programming, project integration management, and more.


The channel engages with
its viewers using a live e-learning platform and offers certifications and
courses on Selenium, Android development, Apache Park, Python, Blockchain, AI,
DevOps, and more. These courses are led by highly qualified instructors making
Edureka one of the best
YouTube channels for software developers
available at the moment. 

Jesse Showalter


The last YouTube channel
for software developers on our list belongs to Jesse Showalter.
Showalter is a digital designer and specializes in user interface and user
experience. In his videos, Showalter provides tutorials for designing and
developing websites and applications. If you are interested in learning about web
design, UI, UX, and front-end development, then you will find his videos to be
incredibly informative.


Showalter also talks
about languages such as HTML, JavaScript, CSS, etc. He discusses open source
development, as well.


Growth Is Essential In Software Development



One of the primary
challenges in software development is staying up-to-date with the latest
trends, technologies, and programming languages. Following these YouTube channels for software
can help you stay aware of the changes happening around you
and hone your skills accordingly. Some of these YouTube creators can also
provide useful insights on how you can improve your profile to impress hiring

Gain Insights Into Job Market Trends!

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